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RL05 Products (Updated: 2015-04-07)

Mission Operations Status (Updated: 2016-06-03)

Orbit Configuration (updated daily)

Lifetime Prediction

Present Groundtrack

Swap Maneuver (Dec 2005)

GRACE Launch

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GRACE Orbit Lifetime Prediction: Created on 2011-12-02 using
MSFC Flux Data; Prediction Epoch is 2011-09-30 

GRACE Orbit Lifetime Parameters obtained using Predicted (95%) Monthly Solar Flux

Click here for GRC-1 Lifetime Data using MET

GRACE Satellite Drag Parameters:

  • CD = 2.448   (GPS estimated CD, Averaged over the first 9 months of 2011)  

  • A = 0.96 m2

  • Mass = 485.40 kg (Kept same, over the mission so far)

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The GRACE mission is jointly implemented by NASA and DLR under
the NASA Earth System Science Pathfinder Program.

Last Modified: Fri Dec 02, 2011