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RL06 Products (Updated: 2018-04-26)

CSR RL06.2 Mascon Solutions New(Updated: 2024-02-08)

RL06.1-LRI Level-2 Products

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The GGM05 Models

Science Data Products

Level-3 Data Products

GRACE Science Team Meeting

Mission Overview

GRACE Launch

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GRACE Tellus

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Several GRACE users have put together resources to create and distribute value-added (or Level-3) products from the GRACE project data products.

GRACE Tellus
The GRACE Tellus website provides time-series of surface mass anomalies in map forms, after suitable treatment for smoothing and corrections. This site also provides products created synergistically with GRACE and TOPEX/Jason-1 missions.

CU, Boulder
The CU GRACE website provides an interactive tool for calculation error-corrected mass anomalies in regional or global time series.

The ICGEM website distributes a full range of current and historical static Earth gravity field models. This site also include tutorial and software resources for physical geodetic calculations, and contains links to related gravity field services.

Go to the UTopia web site
Go to University of Texas web site


The GRACE mission is jointly implemented by NASA and DLR under
the NASA Earth System Science Pathfinder Program.

Last Modified: Fri Mar 23, 2018