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GRACE, twin satellites launched in March 2002, are making detailed measurements of Earth's gravity field which will lead to discoveries about gravity and Earth's natural systems. These discoveries could have far-reaching benefits to society and the world's population.

Orbiting twins - The GRACE satellites
Orbiting Twins - The GRACE satellites

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GRACE Mission Status Update
December 8, 2016

GRACE-1 continues to collect nominal science data as before. GRACE-2 collects data in reduced circumstances. The accelerometer on GRACE-2 is turned off. The K-Band instrument collects inter-satellite ranging data in the sunlight and through partial shadow. All the spacecraft functions are carried out nominally as long as shadows are short. When the shadows grow long, the diminished battery capacity can affect the spacecraft functions in the shadow. The current mission operations strategy is intended to maximize the chances of safe passage through such regime. First indications are that the data collected - using this strategy - during November 2016 can be used deliver credible science data products. Further analysis is underway.

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The GRACE mission is jointly implemented by NASA and DLR under
the NASA Earth System Science Pathfinder Program.

Last Modified: Thu Dec 08, 2016