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Dear Colleagues:

Over the last year, considerable progress has been made in the geodetic and geophysical applications of the Grace mean gravity models, as well as the Release 01 sequence of Grace monthly gravity models. A number of excellent papers dealing with applications in the fields of oceanography, hydrology, glaciology and geodesy have appeared in refereed journals. As the science community has gained insights from the use of GRACE data products, the project has been active in implementing product improvements defined using feedback from users. It is appropriate, at this point, that we review the state of GRACE science and application efforts, as defined by the progress and future plans of the individual science investigations.

The meeting will be an opportunity to formulate coherent science plans for the mission evolution, including new applications and validation of GRACE data products. The meeting will provide an opportunity to evaluate project decisions on data product improvement and re-processing in the context of their relevance to future science goals. In addition, with the proposed extension of the mission through 2009, the meeting is also intended to help plan and focus future activities towards the GRACE Extended Mission goals.

To accomplish these objectives, we are scheduling the next GRACE Science Team Meeting for October 13 and 14, 2005 in Austin, Texas. The meeting will contain a brief session on project status and future plans, with most of the meeting devoted to the status and future plans of the science investigations. The oral presentations will be ordered from a submitted abstract.

Details on the registration and abstract submittal procedures, as well as housing arrangements will be contained in a following message.

We look forward to seeing you in October.

Best Regards,
Byron Tapley
Christoph Reigber


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