First Author: Victor Zlotnicki
Presenter: Victor Zlotnicki
Presenter's Email:
Co-Authors: J. Wahr, S. Swenson, D. Chambers, R. Raskin, M. Watkins, J. Famiglietti
Title: The GRACE-Tellus Information Website:


Funded by the REASoN CAN (Research, Education and Applications Solutions Network Cooperative Agreement Notice), we have set up a website that provides users with a variety of easy-to-use products derived from the GRACE spherical harmonic solutions:

  1. from the time-mean gravity field: mean sea surface above the geoid, suitably filtered, and T/P heights along the track above the geoid
  2. from the monthly solutions: monthly mass grids with various smoothing radii, average mass over hydrologically significant basins, error estimates, etc. For comparison, we provide ECCO ocean model and GLDAS hydrologic model output.
  3. A bibliography of GRACE publications
  4. in the future, we will also provide estimates of PGR, components of the hydrologic cycle. and other derived quantities as they become available.

This site complements the sites at UT-CSR and GFZ.



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