First Author: Richard Biancale
Presenter: Richard Biancale
Presenter's Email:
Co-Authors: G. Balmino, S. Bruinsma, J.-M. Lemoine, S Loyer, F. Perosanz
Title: GRACE data processing in CNES/GRGS ; results and discussion


Almost 3 years of GRACE data have been processed in CNES/GRGS for determining decadal solutions of gravity field parameters up to s. h. degree 50. These decadal models as well as the global combined model up to degree 150 were assessed through comparisons and covariance analysis. Moreover we have looked at the consistency of temporal variations in terms of water quantity over a few large hydrologic basins.

Several steps were necessary for reaching these results like : pre-processing K-band data, testing different orbit parameterisations, scrutinizing accelerometer behaviour, testing a priori models.

The presentation will aim at describing the way of computing and at showing done assessments.



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