GRACE Science Team Meeting


The GSTM2013 will be held on UTCSR premises, at the address:

WPR (West Pickle Research) Building
3925 West Braker Lane
Austin Texas 78759 USA

Two hotels near the meeting venue have agreed to offer a limited number of rooms at a special rate for GSTM attendees. They have each set up a dedicated web-page for making reservations. The deadlines for special rates are short, and there are terms and conditions attached to each. It is the responsibility of the guest to ensure that they follow these conditions - UTCSR cannot be responsible for any loss in connection with these reservations.

In addition, there are numerous other hotels nearby. A partial list is provided in the attached list of hotels, and more may be found through various map/search engines.

A list of restaurants nearby is also provided.

 Hotel and Restaurant Links - Please Note: Prices are subject to change



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