Abstracts: Geodesy & Processing Techniques

Geodesy - I (Thu, 1300 - 1430) - Convener - D-N. Yuan
1 Bjoern Frommknecht Integrated Sensor Analysis for GRACE - L1a data processing 1300-1430
2 Frank Lemoine Unique approaches to addressing time-variable gravity from GRACE 1300-1430
3 Shin-Chan Han High-resolution regional recovery of temporal gravity fields from GRACE 1300-1430
4 Scott Luthcke Monthly Spherical Harmonic Solutions From GRACE KBRR Data Alone 1300-1430
5 Richard Biancale GRACE data processing in CNES/GRGS ; results and discussion 1300-1430
6 Torsten Mayer-Guerr ITG-GRACE01s - a GRACE gravity field derived from short arcs of the satellite's orbit 1300-1430

Geodesy - II (Thu, 1500 - 1700) - Convener - Frank Flechtner
7 Swenson Sean Post-processing Removal of Correlated Errors in GRACE Gravity Fields 1500-1700
8 Ingo Sasgen Application of the Wiener optimal filter to GRACE gravity solutions 1500-1700
9 Jianli Chen Optimized Variance-Dependent Smoothing of GRACE Time-Variable Gravity Measurements 1500-1700
10 John Wahr The Accuracy of Mass Estimates Computed From the GRACE Gravity Field 1500-1700
11 Nikolaos Pavlis Analysis of Surface Gravity and Satellite Altimetry Data for Validation of and Combination with GRACE Information 1500-1700
12 Yan Ming Wang Status and Plans for the National Geodetic Survey's Gravity Database Update 1500-1700
13 Heiner Denker Improved Modeling of the Geoid in Europe Based on GRACE Data 1500-1700
14 Maik Thomas Impacts of oceanic mass variations on GRACE gravity field processing 1500-1700

Geodesy - POSTERS
P1 David McAdoo Analyzing K-Band range (KBR) acceleration data in search of episodic gravity changes and to discern KBR resolution limits
P2 Jeongrae Kim Evaluation of the KBR Simulation Model with Flight Data
P3 Zhigui Kang Precise Orbit Determination for GRACE Using GPS Data
P4 Zhigui Kang High Frequency Gravity Changes from GRACE and Comparison with Atmospheric and Oceanic Models
P5 Jiangliang Huang On teh estimation of the regional geoid error in Canada
P6 Kazuo Shibuya Ground data obtained around Syowa Station for validating GRACE-derived gravity fields



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