Abstracts: Geophysics & Climate Science

Geophysics/Variability - I (Fri, 0900-1030) - Convener - Mike Watkins
1 Erik Ivins GRACE Secular Trend, Mantle Viscosity Regimes and Uncertainty in Southern Hemispheric Glacial Isostatic Modeling 0900-1030
2 Xiaoping Wu Global Surface Mass Variations from GRACE, GPS and ECCO-JPL Ocean Model 0900-1030
3 Jean Dickey Indications of Acceleration in Glacier Melting: Recent Changes in the Dynamic Oblateness (J2) of the Earth's Gravity Field 0900-1030
4 Isabella Velicogna Monitoring ice sheet mass variations from GRACE 0900-1030
5 Mark Tamisiea Temporal Gravity Trends in North America 0900-1030
6 Richard Gross The Gravitational Signature of the December 26, 2004 Sumatran Earthquake 0900-1030

Geophysics/Variability - II (Fri, 1100-1215) - Convener - John Wahr
7 Matthew Rodell Potential Value of GRACE for Hydrological Applications and Decision Support 1100-1215
8 J. Famiglietti Terrestrial Hydrology and Applications Using GRACE 1100-1215
9 Swenson Sean Assessing Macroscale Hydrologic and Atmospheric General Circulation Models with GRACE 1100-1215
10 Guillaume Ramillien Global hydrology by GRACE geoid inversion - the detection of liquid water/snow mass storage changes over large drainage basins 1100-1215
11 Jianli Chen Basin-Scale Water Storage Change from GRACE and Influences of Low Degree Spherical Harmonics 1100-1215

Geophysics/Variability - III (Fri, 1315-1500) - Convener - Steve Nerem
12 Steven Jayne The circulation of the North Atlantic Ocean from altimetry and the GRACE geoid 1315-1500
13 Don Chambers Assessment of GRACE Time-Variable Gravity over the Ocean 1315-1500
14 Fang Ming Amplification of the Monthly Variation of the Oceanic Geoid from Self-Gravitation and Mass Conservation 1315-1500
15 R. M. Ponte Some aspects of the ocean response to loading in the context of GRACE 1315-1500
16 Y. Tony Song The Subarctic Ocean-Bottom-Pressure Oscillation Observed by GRACE and Its Link to ENSO 1315-1500
17 Richard Ray Tides in GRACE Data 1315-1500
18 C.K. Shum GRACE observed mass fluxes over Antarctica 1315-1500

Geophysics/Variability - POSTERS
P7 Victor Zlotnicki The GRACE-Tellus Information Website - grace.jpl.nasa.gov
P8 Jianli Chen Assessment of Low Degree Gravitational Changes from GRACE, Earth Rotation, and Geophysical Models
P9 R. S. Nerem Development of an Interferometric Laser Ranging System for a Follow-On Gravity Mission to GRACE
P10 Hiroshi Munekane Validation of the temporal ocean mass variations from GRACE with in-situ observation
P11 Victor Zlotnicki Antarctic Circumpolar Current Signals in GRACE - sensitivity to lowest degree coefficients
P12 Jianli Chen Seasonal Global Mean Sea Level Change From Satellite Altimeter, GRACE, and Geophysical Models
P13 David Salstein Uncertainties in atmospheric surface pressure fields from global analyses
P14 Jong Sun Hwang A study on the water storage changes using GRACE and TRMM data in the Amazon Basin
P15 T. Syed River Basin Discharge Estimated From GRACE and a Land-Atmosphere Water Balance
P16 Guo-Yue Niu Application of GRACE to improve a land model for use in climate models
P17 Jens Wickert GPS radio occultation with CHAMP and GRACE: Preliminary Results



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